Jennell | Singer / Songwriter
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Jennell is an indie pop/folk, singer/songwriter from Casper Wyoming. After graduating from the University of Wyoming in 2007, Jennell moved to Los Angeles in pursuit of a singing and acting career. While in Los Angeles, Jennell provided backing vocals for Atlantic Records recording artist “Hope” and Disney Channel Star, Roshon Fegan. While also writing and recording her own projects, several songs were picked up for TV and film, including a placement on the E! Network. In 2011 her EP “The Game” was nominated for an indie artist award. In March of 2014 Jennell made the move to Nashville, TN.  Since moving to Nashville, Jennell has challenged herself writing and co-writing with several artists around Nashville of all genres for herself and other artists as well. In doing so, Jennell has found a niche.  Jennell took this year to soul search and find her voice as an artist.  Jennell recently finished her new EP “Home” recorded at forty-one fifteen studios in Nashville, TN. When asked about her new EP and sound, Jennell describes it as “just Jennell. It’s me and my life in a nut shell.” Jennell’s new project tells the story of leaving home to follow her dreams, longing for a place to call home, the ups and downs along the way, and finally finding where she belongs.